The Morning After

There were wind gusts, yesterday and last night. And for some days previous. And so we are behind on the workshop. The next step is putting down the tar paper, which will blow away, sure as anything. We are hoping for a better day for the work on Friday, since there is rain in the forecast after that. I did have the chance to get out with the camera, though.

On Wednesday, we took care of some chores: banking and grocery shopping. My meal planning is improving, and I was able to put together complete meals!

The wind was hard on the flowers, also. Lots of dandelion clocks around the yard. The White Campion has gotten out and about, thanks to the rainy days, but I’m not sure what is coming up in the wildflower garden. There has been enough wind to carry lots of unplanned for seed. Stuff’s coming up all over the place. The only things I am certain must be pulled out, besides the White Campion, are the dandelions and thistles. Those I recognize. The tulips are windblown and fading fast. I think there are a few left to mature and bloom, if we get some more good weather in here.

I think I am done being awake, again, and so am going to try for at least six more hours of sleep.