A Photo a Week Challenge: From Below

The crows were unusually quiet, this morning, before they’d settled on a treetop to gather in. It is not often that they settle in a tree this close to our house.

Best wishes for your week!

A thank-you to Nancy Merrill for A Photo a Week Challenge: From Below.

And there was a thunderstorm…

And so the garden was wet and windblown when I got outside with the Scampers, this morning.

Yesterday evening with the Scampers:

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I was awakened by a Weather Warning alert via my cell phone, a little after 4:00 this morning. Looked at the weather radar and decided that I would not be able to stay awake for the entire show, and so unplugged the electronics and crawled back into bed. I think I got another three hours of sleep before it was time (for the Scampers) to wake up.

Forecast for this afternoon is “30% chance of severe thunderstorms”. I am waiting inside until UPS delivers my book order (Red Waters Rising, by L. A. Gilman). The current temperature is 77°F, headed for 89°.

I am hopeful that I will get more seeds planted tonight, before the next rain showers move through. This evening, I can read some of the second issue of the Tanka Society of America’s Ribbons. I received the first issue for the year earlier and put it aside where I could read a little bit each evening. It disappeared before I ever got to it, that day. I have searched everywhere without finding it again.

This might be Thursday

Much too hot outside (82ºF, headed for 90º), this morning, and so I took some photographs in the wildflower garden while the dogs explored the back yard. After they’d eaten, we went outside, again, when I managed to get through 3.5 miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo.

By the time I finish my shower and get dressed in going-out clothes, it will already be time for lunch. I don’t know where the time goes!

I suspect that Al will concentrate on inside activities, rather than tackle any more sanding or painting. He’s currently working on the outside of the gazebo. Hoping that we don’t get any brilliant-red paint on the windows. 🙄


Garden Life

A lovely week, last week and this weekend, for photo taking in the garden. Finally got caught up on household chores, got my clinic appointment and lab tests done, and today, grocery shopping. And Al finished putting the last coat of paint on his woodworking shop. I suspect that it will take him the winter to make the furniture, shelves, and cupboards that he needs, but he’ll have fun doing that.

I have gotten the summer/fall blooming wildflower seeds strewn along the side of the garage, and there are signs of germination. I still have to dig out areas in the wildflower garden to plant the rest of those seeds. Scattered rain showers are forecast for a few more days, beginning Thursday. I will need to get the planting done before then.

I hope that you’re having a good day. Best wishes for the week!

Sunday morning’s excitement

Our backyard neighbors have installed chicken-wire fencing along the length of our permanent fence a foot within the property line behind the house, making it difficult for the rabbits to get in or out by that route. Thus, the doe has dug and lined a burrow in the midst of my wildflower garden which is five feet in from the fence line.

rabbit burrow in the midst of my wildflower garden
Rabbit’s New Home
cocker spaniels in foreground, wildflower garden behind sturdy metal fencing behind
New Fencing in Place

Once again, the Scampers chased the resident rabbit around the back yard and out through the space beside the gate. They go through this routine every morning. We only see the rabbit, however, when it lingers over its breakfast.

Open Passage, Short Folk Only

Some time after the rabbit escaped under the gate, and the Scampers had returned with me into the house, there was a commotion (and howling) in the front sitting room. Thaddeus spotted the rabbit, who was eating a grassy snack in the front yard.

We were at a high-school graduation open house on Saturday afternoon for one of the kids across the back fence. His mother mentioned that she sees rabbits playing together in the mornings in our yard, running around and jumping at each other. Play fighting? I wonder if I will get up early enough, some morning, without waking the dogs, to see if I can catch them at it. Sounds fun!