From then to now: photo archives

Almost to the end of the photography workshop, and I am still going through the archives, back to front. I don’t really want to go to sleep, yet, but I must.

The day was busy. I spent the morning backing up photo files, books, and documents directories to an external hard drive, which I dropped off at the bank and brought back the previous back-up stored in the safe deposit box. Backed up my four computers, which took many hours. The smallest computer won’t talk to my 2T ext-HD, let alone the 4T, and so I have to copy the files to a flash drive, and then onto the backup HD. I have over 15 years of photo archives, most in jpg and pspimage formats.

Having gotten through the 50th Class Reunion for our college graduating class, I treated myself to a short (but suitable for winter) haircut. I’d let it grow out for the reunion; I think it was about an inch and a half long. It’s now half an inch in length, and I have scheduled my next haircut for the middle of December. Stopped at the local Barnes and Noble on the way home to buy a gift card to cover Nook Book purchases for the next month. I also bought the latest in Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Masters series: The Bartered Brides; and The Book of Magic, edited by Gardner Dozois. Started Lackey’s book over supper, while the other of us went out to find a Subway Sandwich.

In the midst of that, there was a business meeting and election, consuming two and a half hours, at the marksmanship center. It was good to be at a meeting, again, after such a long bout of hypersensitivity to fragrances. I notice that I still am a bit hyperactive and having trouble sleeping. Oh, yeah? You think so? 

Saturday, we will be doing some grocery shopping. I am to be eating more fish, rather than red meat, and so I plan to find more salmon fillets on sale at one of the stores. Last week, I bought enough for the both of us and baked them with mustard across the top, along with coarse ground peppercorns. I promised my doctor that I would boost some of my vitamin levels, and I refuse, for the moment, to take supplements because of fillers, dyes, preservatives and such because of my allergic reactions to them. Speaking of which, I think I was supposed to have scheduled a doctor’s appointment and labs for the end of December, and I have not, but only the Diabetes Educator. Who is a riot!

I suppose I should have saved this for my Weekend Coffee Share activity. But perhaps I will fall asleep, now, and sleep through tomorrow and the weekend. ??? Naw! Not!

Wishing you the best of weekends!



Abstractions, Distractions


Raindrop, inverted
cotoneaster fruit
Red & Black
raindrops falling into the puddle

Enjoying the photography workshop, but so much to learn in too short a time. The weather turned wet, and we now are expecting snow: up to six inches. I have felt well enough to go out with my camera when I take the Scampers into the back yard. Wearing moccasins, now, rather than going out barefoot, and a flannel-lined denim jacket. Having a waterproof camera is a good thing. Having one that does not break when I drop it? Essential!

I still am struggling with the aftereffects of what I suspect was Latex exposure from the balloons during the reunion weekend. Trouble sleeping…trouble staying awake. Over the weekend and these first few days of the new week, however, I have at least gotten some things done around the house. Blood sugar is coming down, and blood oxygen level is coming back up.

I keep losing photo files. That is frustrating.

Going to try, now, to get back to sleep.