Leaf and Bird and Fog

Not the best of weather, to look at it, but I was able to go out with the Scampers and camera without putting on a jacket.

Relaxing supper with some of Al’s folks who live here in town and across the river from us. This looks to be the last temperate day before we sink below freezing, again.

A little while ago, I heard loud crow calls. Nobody ever showed up, far as I could see, and so he sat all alone near the top of the cottonwood. I wonder where the rest of the crows have gathered (without telling him where they were going).

November Afternoon | the Twentieth

I have not gotten caught up on my poem-a-day challenge. Not certain if I should add my weekly Ronovan Writes Haiku to the count or not. My favorite poem for the month, so far, is about leaves:

Transient Art

sunshine and shadow
blown together by cold winds
darkness and light

Copyright © 2018-11-10, by Liz Bennefeld.