Before the blizzard, quiet

Late this afternoon or early in the evening, we expect a blizzard. Not much new snow, but we’ve a lot to be blown around, having received snow during the first days of the week. If we get to stirring around, this afternoon, we still have time to duck out to the grocery for last-minute purchases. In the meanwhile, I have chicken and fish to get into the oven to bake, so we can eat even if we lose the electricity. Must also fill up the water jugs and pitchers. Not that we are expecting the storm to be that long or eventful. Just keeping in practice.

In the meanwhile, the Scampers are taking a nap.

Sound Asleep


Best wishes for your day!

Selected for the Best of 2018 Collection at JPG Mag

a flower in my garden
Reds and Golden-Browns
Best of September 2018 and Best of Year 2018 Collections


Selected for Best of September 2018 and Best of 2018  collections at JPG Magazine: Reds and Golden-Browns.

I had mostly neglected my page at JPG Mag since the holidays, but am happy that the staff there did not neglect my photographs. Beautiful and interesting photos in the collections, as always.