Our blizzard

Photographs from Tuesday, 11 April 2019. The weather this morning did not look any better, although the wind seems to have died down a bit. To below-blizzard speeds, but snow still falling. Local schools and many businesses are still closed for the day. I expect that I will not be exercising in the gazebo until the melting begins, again. Al came in from the workshop, last night, with snow clinging knee high on his pants legs.

I am quite happy to have gotten food laid in and meat cooked to last the interim. With this uninterrupted time, I am able to give the Scampers more attention. Today, however, having finished all the chores and the laundry, I have to get back to using the inside exercise equipment. Inactivity sends me off to sleep where I sit. Since I cannot be around people or out-and-about for any period of time…it takes effort to engage the world I seem no longer to take part in.

Signs of Spring

Tulips in the Front Yard

In spite of the below-freezing temperatures at night, the tulips continue to grow. Also, I think I have spotted emerging daffodils along the north side of the house, which my husband cuts down, every spring, thinking that they are weeds. The rabbits have made inroads on the tulip leaves. It has been a hard winter, and everyone reliant on our yard is hungry.