Insects and flowers

Enjoying the cool sunshine after smoke, pollen, drought, and intermittent rains. The grasshopper was sitting on the front steps as I came in from the side garden. The fly, poor thing, was settled in on a sun-scorched and fallen leaf. The flowers were originally blue with the traditionally green leaves….My version of a coloring book?

Backyard lawn and chives garden

The chives garden in the back yard, as well as the wildflowers along the south side of the house, have been getting the dregs from the dogs’ water bowl and other water that would in other times have gone down the drain. The shaded areas are doing much better than those getting full sun for longer periods. Other spots have not been looking quite so bad.

After all this “hot, dry” weather the predicted low temperature for the night is 56°F / 13°C.  Cool breeze, but still no rain.