Where is it?

Updated 2015-11-18
Note: Partial update on 2018-12-27.

Now that Writing 201: Poetry is officially over, and also the 5-day Art/Poetry Challenge, I have returned to the practice of spreading my posts over my blogs according to content. It’s the Life Simplification Process (LSP) that I’ve been working. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” sort of thing.

  • (NEW) — Stray Coffee Breaks:  This is what it says. These are spur of the moment, mostly, with some reblogs from other of my blog posts. It is rather a stream-of-consciousness site fueled by the first coffee of the morning and before-bed cups of black tea. I don’t know how well it’s sheltered by it, but the setting is to discourage search engines. I started it for separating a second run through Writing 201: Poetry, but had a lot of breathing problems, &c.
  • The Moments Between (this blog): Photos and Cooking.
  • The Art of Disorder: Health, lifestyle, mundane mumblings, angst, &c. Also, now, some short stories.
  • Quilted Poetry (WordPress): My poetry, other people’s, thoughts about poetry, possibly more poetry prompts someday. Writing 201: Poetry assignments are now on this poetry-oriented blog.
  • Patchwork Prose and Quilted Poetry: Book orders, pre-orders, opinions, and sometimes reviews. Also, some of my articles written for and published in Moondance ezine around the turn of the century.

Patchwork Prose may end up with my SFPA Halloween Reading poems, because that is the only site to which I can upload audio files. In the meantime, the audio files for my Halloween poems remain on SFPA’s server.

Al and I both have our permanent domains (Patchwork Prose and his own) on the same server, so that when one or the other of us dies, the last one living will have options for the other’s digital legacy.

My energy levels were not adequate to reviving/continuing all of my previous domains. I have renewed The Written Word and Quiet Spaces, which both point to the same web space. I have not renewed/am not renewing my domains at WordPress due to my remarkable underuse of those plans.

I am also present on Facebook, Twitter, and Dreamwidth, Plus services on Google, and I remember signing up for some other stuff as placeholders only. I lost track of a lot of stuff when my previous laptop quit suddenly. I am sure I have that information on external HDs, but I am not inclined at this point to go hunting for it. I have all of my photographs and all of my writing that wasn’t lost when my Linux box/web server died in the early 2000s.

My mother and father turned 94 and 100, respectively, in 2016. This too holds unknowns as far as time commitments. Mother died in November of 2016, and Father died about three and a half months later—of loneliness, I think, no other cause having been offered.

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