Tuesday Morning Photos

Some of the photographs that I took when the Scampers and I went outside after breakfast.

I got outside to exercise, later in the morning. Almost ready, now, to assemble lunch, not having been hungry for a mid-morning snack. Took note of some vitals at The Art of Disorder, making a concentration shift to cholesterol levels. The exercise affects both the cholesterol and the blood sugar levels. Now that I am “between” allergens and have an energy level again, I’ll be working on establishing exercise and sleep habits that will, hopefully, maintain in some form during the ragweed season.

Easter Weekend

Fine Tuning the Framework

We spent some quality time with family, this evening, and then came home to play with the puppies. I’ve got a few photos from several days taken with my telephone camera. I also enjoyed having a telephone conversation with my sibling next in age to me, who lives in the Twin Cities.

The weekend has sped by too rapidly, and I am still one poem short in the National Poetry Writing Month activity. I did get my wildflower seeds sown, finally, and watered. Must do that again in the morning, so that they are not blown away by the wind. All in all, an enjoyable time.

two cocker spaniels asleep on the loveseat across the room from me
Sleepy Scampers



Changes No Longer Pending

My garden will be in a new section of the back yard, next year, and so I will have no more flower photographs from my back yard, this fall. Al has decided to build a workshop that will impinge on the garden and also some of the area that holds my gazebo. I do wonder what that will do to the pattern of snowdrifts, come winter.

I thought to share a few of the photographs that I took yesterday. The puppies are nine months old, now. They’ve had their first trip to the groomer’s, and we are late on getting them in for a second cut.

My mother entered a nursing home under hospice care, last week, and the first care planning meeting is to be next week or the week after. Between the ER, hospital stay and move to the nursing home, along with Al’s cataract surgeries and the permit for Al’s hobby outbuilding, there has been more excitement than I’m comfortable with.

On a brighter note, the pollen index has sunk much more rapidly than I had expected, and I am doing well with breathing. I am pedaling the exercise bike more consistently and with more tension, so that my muscles have more resistance. Thought that would never happen!

The construction folks are not to begin work before 8 o’clock, but I expect that I should now get up to feed and “out” the puppies, before any excitement begins. We didn’t find out until late yesterday afternoon that the work would be done before the end of the week. Weather permitting. And so I also have to get to my appointment for a haircut (rescheduled from the first of the month because of changes in Al’s surgery schedule) and visit with my mother in the nursing home afterwards. Al is dropping me off there, and then returning home to interface with the construction folks.

I am not good at being around people for extended time periods. Argh!

Sunday’s Flowers

There was a bit of a wind, this morning, but I did get up in time to take photos before there was direct sunlight on the wildflower bed. I enjoyed taking time to go through all of the photographs that I did get. When the light is right, playing with the colors and textures of the pictures is so much fun.

Also of delight is Thaddeus’s discovery of a new toy: one of my old metal 1-cup measuring cups that has lost its handle. He bats it and chases it across the hardwood living room and hallway floors. It’s like a kid who’s gotten a snare drum as a holiday present.

Oh, my! He’s misplaced it again, and is attempting to enlist our aid in looking for it. He had the thing just a few minutes ago, when I took his picture.


Thaddeus’s Measuring Cup

Rain and Flowers


After a rainstorm in the early hours of the morning, which woke my husband, but not me, I was surprised when my cell phone announced a Code Red Alert just after lunch. Simultaneously, the storm hit with winds and torrential rains, quickly interspersed with pea-sized hail. I got wet, going out to make certain the rain spouts were down to direct the water away from the house. I so very much enjoy storms, and I miss the storm spotting that we did over the years with the ham radio club.

While the dogs were in the back yard after breakfast, I went out also, the temperature’s being low, and pedaled another five miles on the exercise bike. I’d like to go out again, but the mosquitoes look ferocious … and they outnumber me.

Because of the rain overnight, there were few flowers in the garden, but I enjoyed playing with them before lunch, while the dogs’ bedding was in the dryer. I also played the piano for a while. I did not play very much during the last several days, but I have made some progress since the last time I played the exercises.

The Scampers (cocker spaniel puppies), sleeping on one cushion

A new week . . .

Some flower art from photographs that I took yesterday and today.

I’m still getting back on track from my husband’s long weekend away. There is also a family gathering of folks from his father’s side of the family, next weekend, which I hate to miss, but spending six hours in the car with puppies in their kennel in back, even three hours each way, seems a bit much during allergy season. I expect to stay home and puppy sit.

The weather has been generally cool and comfortable, and I still am getting out into the gazebo to use the exercise bike most days. On Tuesday, 4.5 miles.

Quiet Weekend

We spent a quiet weekend at home, which I much enjoyed. Played with the puppies, took naps with them, and spent much time in the back yard and front sitting room just sharing space. I assisted with some tasks requiring more than two hands, setting up a new antenna for tuning (amateur radio operators, here). Wires of all sorts are attractive to puppies, as are shiny pieces of hardware.

And there were flowers to photograph and play with, which I also enjoyed. And cooking! A neighbor gifted us with four cucumbers from his garden, and so I made a cucumber & onion salad with sour cream and white wine vinegar, sugar and black pepper. Turned out to be really good. Also, a farmer friend ran into my husband at his favorite coffee shop and sent home with him four fresh-picked ears of sweet corn. Both made nice additions to the weekend menu.

I also put in six miles on the exercise bike during Saturday and Sunday, and I had a good time with the warm-up exercises for the piano. What I’ve always enjoyed the most is the feeling, the physical experience of playing piano. It reminds me of running. The rhythms of the body in motion.

Looking forward to a cooler, rainy week, here. Laundry, cooking and rereading some comfort books. If we get some steady rains, I’ll take my book and the puppies into the gazebo, where we can listen to the rain on the roof.

Flowers and Puppy Dogs

The puppies have recovered from their visit to the veterinary clinic, middle of the week, and are now microchipped. Charlie’s umbilical hernia was repaired, and they’ve been neutered. I hope they haven’t damaged themselves; they did not have any real “down time”. Now that they’ve gone through their pain pills, perhaps they’ll slow down? Nah!

The thunderstorms previously seem to have prepared The Scampers for the holiday weekend’s fireworks and accompanying noise. I’m hoping that the promised rain showers keep the air clean enough that I can go out with them. I’d hate to think of how bad the air quality would be in this neighborhood if fireworks weren’t illegal.

It’s been a full day, here, and I’m looking forward to getting some sleep, finally.

Weekend, Photo Art

Al’s doing some ARRL Field Day stuff, this weekend, and so the puppies and I enjoyed an unstructured afternoon. I’m glad that I didn’t go along; he called to tell me the site had not been mowed. The grass is above his knees, and wood ticks are plentiful. The puppies are wondering where he is, right now. Too bad that they can’t understand what I mean, if I try to tell them.