Looking Towards the Sun

Looking Towards the Sun

Plains Coreopsis (golden tickseed) in my garden, 5 July 2018

curtains closed against
sounds of freezing rain and sleet…
clouds above the fog

I recall the summer’s sun…
humming songs of tiny bees

Copyright © by Lizl Bennefeld.

Sunday’s Flowers

There was a bit of a wind, this morning, but I did get up in time to take photos before there was direct sunlight on the wildflower bed. I enjoyed taking time to go through all of the photographs that I did get. When the light is right, playing with the colors and textures of the pictures is so much fun.

Also of delight is Thaddeus’s discovery of a new toy: one of my old metal 1-cup measuring cups that has lost its handle. He bats it and chases it across the hardwood living room and hallway floors. It’s like a kid who’s gotten a snare drum as a holiday present.

Oh, my! He’s misplaced it again, and is attempting to enlist our aid in looking for it. He had the thing just a few minutes ago, when I took his picture.


Thaddeus’s Measuring Cup