New Day, New Flowers


dawn’s deep shadows
lighten as breezes flow
clouds fade away

the dogs have overslept and
now the rabbit takes his nap

Copyright © 2018-07-29, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.

I expect to be in the back yard, again, this second day of the Air Show, waiting for the Blue Angels to fly overhead. During their rehearsal on Friday, they came right over the house. The joys of living in an airport’s flight path. The rattling windows!

Blue wild flax, work day

In the midst of the day’s work on the workshop in the back yard, I took out some time to play with the dogs and take photographs in the (now fading) wildflower garden. The night temperatures are pretty low, and there’s been relatively little rain. Rain and thunderstorms figure in the forecast quite often, but actual storms and precipitation just aren’t making it to our town very often.

I spent a lot of the day at the top of a tall ladder. There was wind, and so I have ended up with a sinus headache. The hot tea will take effect, soon, and I’ll be able to get back to sleep. (That is, soon after I heat the water and steep the tea.)

The first week of my four-week poetry workshop approaches, and I have to decide which of the haiku I’ve written, I should send to the instructor. Between my aunt Marion’s funeral and burial on Monday and acting as carpenter’s assistant, the week has been quite scattered. This coming week, I have to go in for a blood panel, and then an appointment with my doctor. Nine-month check-up on the progress with the type 2 diabetes. One needs the lab results to know for certain, but I think it’s going great.

Also, I am supposed to make appointments with eye and foot doctors. I am not ready for any new adventures, right now, and so I am not making those appointments yet. The past twelve months have held quite enough events as it is.

Now that Mother is no longer acting as gate-keeper for contacts with the broader family on my father’s side, I have gotten a couple of email addresses. I’ve gotten a response to the one email I sent out, this week, and a new-to-me cousin on the west coast is favorable to the notion of making and maintaining contact. By token of which, we are now “Friends” on Facebook. I still don’t have emails for the cousins that I met at the funeral on Monday. Hopefully, information on those will be forthcoming. Two of them are people that I met in 1969, when I stayed with the family for a week, and I also met the widow of the third cousin and their offspring, Monday. Lovely people!

Friday’s Rain and Flowers

About .11″ of rain has fallen here since 11 o’clock in the morning. The temperature has been cold for this time of year. Of course, the Scampers and I were all barefoot when we went outside and got wet. At some point, the puppies came in and took a nap. Thaddeus curled up on the loveseat with his toy beaver, where they fell asleep.

cocker spaniel asleep on the loveseat with his toy beaver

The rain has caused postponement of the work that we were going to do on the backyard workshop. Not really good for wood putty, sanding, or painting. Instead, we went to the store to buy the items that were not available from the butcher’s or from our primary grocery. Also, we stopped at the nearer pharmacy for their store-brand eye lubricant and medical supplies. I was right to think that each chain-store pharmacy would have single dose packaging for eye lubricant (without preservatives). I even took time to put in a couple of miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo, while Al was vacuuming his workshop. Lots of woodchips and sawdust in there.

The blue wild flax flowers looked so sparkly, covered in mist and raindrops. I hate to see them go, come wintertime.

Speaking of which, here are some photoart pieces showing blue wild flax flowers in new-and-different colors:

Friday Morning

The puppies have been wearing me down, lately, as well as the continuing problems in getting healthcare aides into my parents’ home. Mother needs to get an examination by her doctor before they can get in-home care, and she’s still against it. Not sure what it’s going to take. In the meantime, Dad’s helping her as best he can. My brother and his wife drove up from the Twin Cities, last weekend, and we went to supper with them; they checked into a hotel here in Fargo after visiting with the folks and the brother who lives in the same town that they do.

This past few weeks I have started having problems with allergies, again, after a wonderful beginning to the summer following the decline of tree pollen in the air. The blue wild flax flowers are indeed the only flowers blooming since the tulips finished. The peonies did not come up following last summer’s yard work; the daffodils did not bloom, nor did the irises, although they did emerge from the ground. We did get a full crop of stickers, various thistles, bindweed, wild dandelion-type weeds, and other wildflowers whose seeds came in with the dirt that the contractors used around the house and to level low spots in the yard. Not great! The kitchen window rebuild was off true, we think;  since the installation, a crack appeared and grew to stretch across one of the window panes. It was under warranty by the manufacturer, and so we have a replacement sitting in the garage, but Al wants to get the level out and make sure that when he puts the new window in, all is as it should be. We also ordered storm windows to install in place of the screen windows that were installed. Because of our allergies, we don’t open the windows to the outside. Much rather have glass, which won’t let in the pounding rains.

As things settle out, which they hopefully will, I will be back to blogging again. While I’m also far behind on my poetry blog, I have been getting occasional posts up at StrayCoffee (also on WordPress). I have been taking photos sporadically, am back to the exercise bike and piano practice, and I’ve almost caught up, again, on washing dishes.


Puppies at Play

Flax Flowers | Friday in Passing

I do not know what happened with today. A long string of naps, I think. Of solid sleep. I woke up for lunch at 7:30, this evening. Three-egg omelet. I am pretty sure I ate the last of the pasta & tamales casserole for breakfast.

I’m going to have to leave ode-writing for the weekend. (Writing 201:Poetry, second time through.)