Friday Morning

The puppies have been wearing me down, lately, as well as the continuing problems in getting healthcare aides into my parents’ home. Mother needs to get an examination by her doctor before they can get in-home care, and she’s still against it. Not sure what it’s going to take. In the meantime, Dad’s helping her as best he can. My brother and his wife drove up from the Twin Cities, last weekend, and we went to supper with them; they checked into a hotel here in Fargo after visiting with the folks and the brother who lives in the same town that they do.

This past few weeks I have started having problems with allergies, again, after a wonderful beginning to the summer following the decline of tree pollen in the air. The blue wild flax flowers are indeed the only flowers blooming since the tulips finished. The peonies did not come up following last summer’s yard work; the daffodils did not bloom, nor did the irises, although they did emerge from the ground. We did get a full crop of stickers, various thistles, bindweed, wild dandelion-type weeds, and other wildflowers whose seeds came in with the dirt that the contractors used around the house and to level low spots in the yard. Not great! The kitchen window rebuild was off true, we think;  since the installation, a crack appeared and grew to stretch across one of the window panes. It was under warranty by the manufacturer, and so we have a replacement sitting in the garage, but Al wants to get the level out and make sure that when he puts the new window in, all is as it should be. We also ordered storm windows to install in place of the screen windows that were installed. Because of our allergies, we don’t open the windows to the outside. Much rather have glass, which won’t let in the pounding rains.

As things settle out, which they hopefully will, I will be back to blogging again. While I’m also far behind on my poetry blog, I have been getting occasional posts up at StrayCoffee (also on WordPress). I have been taking photos sporadically, am back to the exercise bike and piano practice, and I’ve almost caught up, again, on washing dishes.


Puppies at Play

Where was Thursday morning?

fog at 9:00 a.m.
Fog at the End of the Street

I think that rain may have continued through the night. But even so, the fog was still relatively thick and the flowers and grass heavy with dew at nine o’clock, this morning. Samantha decided to leave Flea inside, today, possibly thinking that she did not care to drag a wet toy into her dry burrow beneath the end table for their morning nap. She stared morosely at the foggy street, and then turned toward the house and trudged to the (new) back step to wait for me to finish with picture-taking.

my black cocker spaniel staring through the backyard fence
Samantha, Staring into the Fog

The blue wild flax was soaked, stems, flowers and leaves, and the lighting was nonexistent. However, I have had fun playing with filters to bring some definition to the flowers and their stems. Only one “flower art” piece, today.

2 wild flax flowers, colors manipulated reddish gold, fresh dew throughout
Art Piece, No. 23904

Still feeling quite tired after our trip to visit the parents. I slept straight through until eight o’clock, this morning. I expect that I should have something to eat before I go back to bed. I made yogurt Tuesday evening, and we bought ice cream. Maybe I will simply go back to sleep. (I think that Al has.)

Only two flowers . . .

Only two flowers bloomed today in my remaining garden, and we looked in vain for Rabbit. The day has been slow. Only finding two flowers didn’t keep me from snapping 25 photographs, and I have had fun playing with those. And also, got half of the dishes washed and only one meal eaten. I think I have to wash clothes, today or tomorrow.

These photos are pretty much untouched except for brightness. I was surprised that the photo of the dragonfly came out looking so good. It was quite away from the garden.

Blue Wild Flax Art for Sept. 11

My Favorite for Today
My Favorite for Today: Blue Flax Flower in the Grasses

There were few flowers in the garden, yesterday and today, but Samantha was confronted each morning with the seemingly permanent resident Bunny, who shot out of the tall garden grass, right past her nose, and the narrow space between the fence post and the back-yard gate.

Samantha on Rabbit Watch

She waited for a very long time for a second rabbit to appear.

Perhaps on Saturday morning!