Happy Domesticity

Enjoyed cooking, this morning, and then taking a nap with the Scampers.

This photo, however, was taken a couple of nights ago, when the Scampers fell asleep next to Al. That brown board to the right is the edge of his computer lapdesk.

cocker spaniels napping on couch

Still low key around here, adjusting to my parents’ deaths and the activity and people exposure involved with funerals and two “meetings of the clan” within such a short period of time. Avoiding activity in general except as amusement. I’ve started doing some exercising again, and I haven’t quite gotten back on my diet, but it’s pulling together. I’ll know that’s working when I actually start writing down the foods with their calorie and carbohydrate counts.

In the meanwhile I am continuing to think about what I want to do with the resurrection of two of my discontinued domains. I had thought to construct a writing/photo collection to complement the blogs where I put up anything and everything. I’m still too much in slow motion to make that practical. It will go faster when I dig out my old website backups and use some of the pages as templates.

Monday Morning, Late Breakfast

I had some allergy problems in addition to last night’s stormy, windy weather, and so I did not get to sleep until close to morning. Al started out for his volunteer shift, so I took a nap then, and had time to take some care with my late breakfast.

Monday’s Breakfast

Organic squash soup was in the cupboard. To that I added half of a hardboiled egg and several pinches of curry powder. As a side, the rest of the egg, which I shared with Samantha, two melon slices, and seven raw, unsalted almonds. The bananas are there because they didn’t get put away, last night. I brewed oolong tea, this morning.

Friday’s Breakfast | No Plate for Sam

red pepper & tomato soup, kippers, scrambled eggs with leftover spinach
Friday’s Breakfast

Today’s breakfast held a nice bit of variety. Samantha and I woke up at 6:30, this morning, but didn’t get out of bed until closer to 7:30. Samantha, Flea and I went outside, where there were no crows to be seen. Great sadness!

I fixed scrambled eggs, again, but reheated yesterday’s spinach in the frying pan, once the butter had melted. I let them cook while I whisked two eggs, opened a tin of kippered fish, and heated a cup of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. As the temperature outside drops (and we’re not yet inclined to turn on the furnace until the inside temperature gets closer to 62 °F – I have several nice shawls and pachmina wraps), a cup of squash or tomato soup makes a nice alternative to cold juice. The soup also does a nice job of warming me from the inside out that is different from tea or coffee, first thing in the morning.

Samantha did not get her own plate. Great, great sadness!

samantha sitting in my chair at the breakfast table, hoping that I will put down a plate for her also
Expecting a Plate of Her Own

Breakfast, Thursday

Eggs, spinach and potato
Eggs, spinach and potato

I’m concentrating, these days, on variety in meals that can be prepared in under half an hour. This morning I made scrambled eggs. I whisked the eggs and half-and-half and fried it in 1 pat of butter, . On the electric range, I set the heat level to low medium (4.5). No herbs, spices or salt added. I microwaved the potato in a microwave baked potato bag. The spinach is frozen store brand, also microwaved. I was able to do all the microwaving during the frequent scrambling and turning of the eggs.

What I would have added, but didn’t have available: grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, chives, chopped bunch onion greens, lemon for the spinach. What I didn’t use because I don’t usually: butter or seasoning on the potato.

Tuesday, Early

Up at 6 o'clock?
Up at 6 o’clock?

Samantha and I awoke quite early, this morning, and managed to wake Al, also. But he went back to sleep, again. The sun was out and the sky was mostly clear of clouds when we first went out, but the forecast calls for cool, rainy weather for this afternoon. The birds were still singing their early morning calls, making jokes, and chasing one another through the sky above our house, playing at aerial battles like fighter planes. A lot of avian laughter ensued, carrying over the sounds of leaves rustling in the breezes.

Early Morning Sky
Early Morning Sky

Last night seemed quite disjointed as I continued to do computer backups and sorted photo files and directories. I am almost certain that I have deleted some files I should not have, but I expect that those photos probably are on some other disk or computer. I still feel a bit disoriented.

I put on coffee and brought a cup to Al when he woke up, but I have not poured any for myself, yet. I still feel full from breakfast, which was very good: canned tamales, heated in a microwaveable dish with grated mozzarella cheese and heated and cold tomato slices, and a cup of vegetable juice.

tamales, tomatoes and cheese
Tamales for Breakfast

The Fargo Community Police Picnic has been canceled due to the impending bad weather this afternoon and evening, and so our ham radio club meeting will be held at the usual meeting space. I hope it is rescheduled…but I think we have rainy days scheduled for most of the rest of the month. I like the bloodhound with Search and Rescue.


Monday, Monday

I had set my alarm clock for 8:30 a.m., just to make sure that Al had gotten up on time. His volunteer morning at the pistol range, and there also is some sort of “Volunteer Appreciation” drop-in later in the day. I had planned to take a nap, but he has just now walked in the door.

For breakfast, I enjoyed a cup of cottage cheese (the last in the refrigerator) and a glass of orange juice. Al forgot to eat more than his first serving out of his potato salad carton, so we’ve split what was left and called it lunch. After breakfast I made a nice, large mug of cold Toddy coffee, which I’ve sipped for maybe four hours: 1 part of homemade coffee concentrate, 1 part half-and-half, and 2 parts whole milk.

After breakfast, Sam and I ventured outdoors. (Sam left Flea inside to take a nap. I still haven’t swapped the current, very muddy Flea for the clean one at the top of the cleaning closet. Maybe after the next set of rains, which I believe ends—just looked that up—next weekend!)

Dew rested heavy on the blue Wild Flax flowers, this morning. What weren’t on those flowers, however (see photo below), were honey bees. The stems are slight and the petals delicate. Not up to the honey bee’s weight. The bee would spot a likely flower, settle into the center, the stem would bend, the petal under the hind legs turn into a steep slide, and off would go the bee. Instantly. Every time. Over and over and over again. The photo below is one of the honey bees in recovery after freefall.

I am in the process of backing up all data files (documents, photos, etc.) from my Samsung netbook to the 2TB external drive, while deleting stuff I don’t need to keep. I intend to that computer for Internet stuff, keeping it clean for web surfing and miscellaneous writing, while keeping confidential/sensitive data off of computers connected to the net, aside from software backups. I have photo files back to 2003, and I need to get them organized, once they’re together. At 12 years of photography, I’m beginning to have trouble remembering just when I shot what and also where to find it in my archives. Step one? Bring together and consolidate all the archives.

Another Breakfast Alternative

roasted pepper and tomato soup with onions, chives, cooked egg yolk, etc.
Soup and Veggies
for Breakfast


I awoke about three hours earlier than I’d planned on, so there was more time to create and eat a tasty breakfast, this morning. Being aware of expiration dates, having eaten my last green salad packet on the “sell before” date, I searched the refrigerator and came across a carton of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. That became the base of my breakfast.

I added to the soup chopped onion greens and some fresh chives from their garden spot just out the back door, and a crumbled egg yolk. Also, there was Italian sausage that I had browned in the frying pan, last week; I added about three ounces. Across the top, I sprinkled powdered ginger and powdered cumin.

As sides, I added four bunching onions and a handful of sweet grape tomatoes that we’d picked up on one of our forays at the grocer’s, end of last week, and strong, hot coffee. I decided against homemade yogurt in place of the egg yolk. If I’d had grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, I would have put a layer over the hot soup; none of the varieties I had in the frig would have suited.

I was quite happy with the taste combination, textures, and temperature. I wish I’d made a larger serving. I am memorializing the meal on my blog.


Breakfast Alternative

Cottage cheese, 3 kinds of chopped onions, garnished with blackberries and red grapes
Cottage Cheese with Ornamentation

I was in the mood for dairy, this morning, but did not want to have yogurt, which I am saving for a light lunch, later on today. So, I settled on cottage cheese with a three-onion mixture stirred in, garnished with blackberries and red seedless grapes, which still are on sale at the grocer’s. Must have been a wonderful grape harvest, somewhere. After I took this photo, I added a sprinkle of paprika. Just because everything tastes better with paprika.

Feeling pretty good, this morning. Hoping to get lots done in the kitchen, this afternoon. This weekend, I started going through a box of papers, etc., that my father has sent along to me via my brother. Treasures reaching back into the early 1940s. Having a fabulous time going through them! When he and my mother were in the Army and Navy, respectively, during World War II. Letters, mostly, but also school and recital programs and other keepsakes from the childhoods of those of his grandchildren who grew up in the same town as we did.

A simple breakfast

Breakfast plate: 2-egg omelet with strawberry preserves, 2 bunching onions, and 8 red seedless grapes
A Simple Breakfast

I awoke early, but didn’t get around to making breakfast until a quarter of seven. Several times I awoke during the night to find myself sitting in my recliner, my laptop desk across my legs, and I believe I dozed off a lot after finally waking a bit after five o’clock.

Breakfast was simple. A two-egg omelet with a couple tablespoons of strawberry preserves, two bunching onions, and a few red seedless grapes. Also, dark and strong black tea from a bag. So happy that the coffee maker will heat water for tea and at the same time brew coffee.

I got half of the dishwashing done. That would be the flatware, the smaller frying pan, a couple of glasses for beverages and a mug for tea. All I need now are disposable cups and glasses, and I would be totally happy. The full sink consists of glasses, cups, mixing bowls, and yogurt jars.  ( ̄ー ̄) I could subtract the added expense from my monthly allowance.

Before dark I took tulip photos, but just took them off my camera while the omelet was cooking. Samantha has just come in again from the back yard, where the neighborhood rabbit has dug a burrow in the north corner of my garden plot (which I have not prepared for planting because of the frost and excessive rains). I wonder how much of the garden I would have to dog-proof in order to ensure the safety of the baby rabbits when they arrive.