In Transition | Weekly Photography Challenge: Liquid

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt on 16 May 2018: Liquid. As the morning’s sunlight hits the eastern windows in late December, the frost ferns transition slowly to drops of water. Gradually, the window panes become dry and clear.


Place + Time | WPC: Place in the World

Memories of May

Place in the World

A bit of nostalgia associated with May: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Both meaningful times in our family. Place and time are closely associated in memory. Returning home. The sounds of squirrels and birds. The rain and running water. The familiar smells. But that home—the home that we remember—is not there, anymore.

WPC’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Refuge

Since I haven’t been frequently on the Net lately, I thought to share the poem that I wrote for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab.

Quilted Poetry

Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab
hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Driving

WInter's Solitude

by Liz Bennefeld

I welcome the sweet sounds of autumn’s end
and onset of the winter’s quietude.
Denizens of nature in the woods find
deeper dens and curl up to sleep,
treasuring their energies until the time
to chase or nose out their next feast.

Long nights of silences and contemplation
of a white landscape that encourages repose
provide the time and emptiness that nourish
dreams: imaginings of people, places, vows
kept or broken, far from this exile place.
Stories never to be told, endings never known.

The driving rains, the ice, the winter snow
protect all that is wild until the summer’s glow.

Copyright © 2015-09-015, by Liz Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

A not sonnet involving my fantasy of someday spending the fall and winter in a log cabin on a mountainside, somewhere in the wilderness. I cherish…

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Life’s Directions

There were no flowers, Tuesday, but I did get my weekly poem written (and posted at Quilted Poetry,) and so I am reblogging the poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Quilted Poetry

Submitted to Poetry 101 Rehab,
currently hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Forward

“Life’s Directions”

I don’t look forward, toward the future,
not because I do not want to see what comes,
for I know already far too well its promise
and the various branches of the road
that face all at its near or lingering end,

Nor do I look behind me, loath to leave
the pleasures and companions of youth,
idle days with many years ahead to hold
both current plans and following projects
that could have occupied a hundred lifetimes.

Today I sit here at my window, listening
to the sound of wind, taking in sweet
scents of promised rain. Holding myself
present to the now, I savor the smooth taste
of coffee in my cup, attend the texture
of the paper, feel the pencil in my hand.

Copyright © 2015-08-18, by Liz Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.


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“Like Fireflies” – a ballad

Shared for #BeWoW on Wednesday, 11 November 2015.

“Like Fireflies”

Like fireflies at eventide
You light my dark’ning way
And when at last full night has come,
please lead me home, I pray.

Your love has ever held me.
My heart is in your hand.
I hear the heav’nly chorus,
the full celestial band.

Like fireflies at eventide
You light my dark’ning way
And when at last full night has come,
please lead me home, I pray.

You’ve overfilled my cup with joy.
Now help me do your will.
Your peace is overflowing.
This heart of mine is still.

Like fireflies at eventide
You light my dark’ning way
And when at last full night has come,
please lead me home, I pray.

I’ve tried to love your children
As you would have us do.
Let judgment come from heaven.
Your love will see us through.

Like fireflies at eventide
You light our dark’ning way
And when at last full night has come,
please bring us home, we pray.

Written on 26 February 2015, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Writing 201: Poetry. Ballad, Day 6.

Note: All of my assignments for Writing 201: Poetry can now be found on my Quilted Poetry blog. Check the drop-down menu for the pages: Week 1, Week 2, and the additional poem I wrote on the weekend.

Art/Poetry Challenge – Day Five (final)

fallen autumn leaves drifted down (manipulated greyscale)
Not Still Life

This is Day 5 of the Art/Poetry Challenge. My thanks to Deborah P Kolodji for nominating me for it. The challenge consisted of posting (on Facebook) three poems or art pieces (mix or match) for five days…and nominating someone each day to also pick up the challenge. I completed the first part of the challenge, but not the second.

For this final day I selected two of my poems that touch on love, this being Valentine’s Day, et al. Today’s photo art piece is “Not Still Life”: leaves fallen to the ground beneath a tree.



The bed still holds the warmth of his body,
as though the time he’s been away
is just a moment and
the loneliness, a child’s dream.

Copyright © 1977, Liz Bennefeld.


“At Allantide”

At Allantide the young girls sleep,
an apple beneath each pillow,
dreaming of their love to be.

At Allantide I sit awake, apple in hand,
waiting for the dear, sweet Allan of my dreams
to come again and dance underneath the moon,
orange above, amid dry barley propped up in sheaves.

Bones rattling, he takes my hand.
We spin across the threshing floor in tight embrace.
He promises, this Allantide . . . or maybe next,

Only a ghostly apple will sit upon a pillow
not dented when I can no longer stay awake.
Face matching his, I’ll dance a final song with him,
And then we both can sleep.

– Elizabeth Bennefeld, 5 Oct. 2007 [Written for the Science Fiction
Poetry Association’s 2007 Online Halloween Poetry Reading Web page; MP3 available on this page.]

Art/Poetry Challenge – Day 4

Deborah P Kolodji nominated me to take part in this challenge. The challenge is to post three poems or works of art on my Facebook page each day for five consecutive days. (Also, to nominate a poet and/or artist to pick up the challenge. Alas!)

This has been a lot of fun. I’ve got some older poetry that has been languishing in old file folders for a while. Also, I used to put together custom chapbooks of my poetry in the late 80s and early 90s that people wanted to give as presents, as well as generic ones. Sort of a nostalgia trip, this challenge.

For today, a poem from the late 60s. I think. Also, two photo art pieces. “Exploring my World” is from 2010 or earlier, and “Leaves in Flight”, from the middle of October 2014.



Snow, light-reddened, falls
outside the window,
tears inside forbidden so to fall.
The night sings closely to my mind.
Lake clearness on a summer’s day, the snow—
my other visage.


A Flock of Leaves in Flight
A Flock of Leaves in Flight
Young boy in summer walking toward an apple tree
Exploring My World