Through Snowy Windows

hand railing viewed through the glass and screen windows of a door
View Through the Windows

The sky is clear, and the winds have died down since the overnight blizzard. Prodigious snowblowing throughout the immediate neighborhood. The other of us has made it back from his favorite coffee shop, where he enjoyed a full breakfast. Looking forward to a leisurely evening.

Winter, Arriving | Blizzard on the Way

From the National Weather Service: The first round of snow has left much of the region with around 5 to 8 inches of snowfall. Snow will continue across mainly southeast North Dakota and west central Minnesota into the evening hours, with an additional 5 to 10 inches of snow expected by Friday morning. Blizzard conditions will develop this afternoon along and west of the Red River Valley, continuing into the overnight hours. Wind gusts up to 50 mph are expected.

When I let the Scampers out before breakfast, they found themselves nearly up to their necks in snow. They are now recovering.

After Snowdrifts

Comfortably tucked in, here, waiting out the storm. It never seems to arrive as horrid as the weather service makes it sound. Well, almost never. So we make preparations and enjoy the time off from having to “do things”. The other of us is sleeping in. ::smile::

Winter in Installments | Day 2

Snow continued to fall, and so did the temperature, and so the forecast was revised. The snow that has fallen will be staying is my guess. The white of the new snow will reflect the heat upwards, while the brown and green, black asphalt and cleaned sidewalks, streets and roads would have absorbed the heat, encouraging further melting and absorption. Last night or today, or both, the rabbits were running through our yard. There were tracks!

Rabbit tracks in the snow through the front, north side of the yard near the house
Tracks in the Front Yard
rabbit tracks through the snow
Rabbit Tracks, Back Yard