And the skies cleared…

The sky was cloudy, and there was a mist of rain carried by gusty winds, until into the early afternoon.  Then the winds died down and the sky cleared. Throughout the afternoon, I listened to the sounds of the airplanes going past as pilots timed and rehearsed their acts for the air show, this weekend. Too many mosquitoes, today, for me to sit outside and watch for the jets speeding past. They’ve another day for practicing, and so I might get out there tomorrow. Or wait for the shows on the weekend days. Normally we (our house) are close to the flight paths, so we have good views. (I dug out the weather-spotting binoculars, a few weeks ago.)

These photographs were taken just before the Scampers’ five o’clock dinner. I (unfortunately) frightened the resident rabbit away from the side garden (which has not managed to produce flowers, this summer).  Thadd only took notice as the rabbit’s hind feet disappearing around the corner of the neighbor’s garage. After the dogs ate, we went outside, again, and I managed three and a half miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo. Far short of yesterday’s sixteen miles; perhaps I will have opportunity after the Scampers are in their kennels for the night.

yellows and oranges
rays of the sun soon to set
backlit petals glow

next after last, days go by
their glow passes…petals drop

Copyright © 2018-07-26, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.

Thinking of spring

Remembering April 2010
Remembering April 2010

According to the weather bureau, the snow is now forecast to fall Monday through Friday. At least I have photographs of flowers.

We had a wonderful evening out at a restaurant we hadn’t visited for many years. I ordered grilled salmon and green beans. I don’t remember the last time I ate salmon. On the way home we stopped at the grocery and bought a carton of gluten-free chocolate pudding; I plan to have a serving of that before I go to sleep, tonight. (I also brought home some salmon for Samantha, but she has rejected it totally.) Over the past few years, we have gotten into the habit of going to just two restaurants; I am going to make a list of alternatives. We need more places it’s safe for me to go into. (I’ve now got one more on my list of safe places.)

I had plans to do something for National Poetry Month, but I’ve pretty much slept through the first three or four days of it. At this rate, I may just make a point of jotting down poetry ideas and fragments, and then work with them later. That has turned out well in the past. Still having trouble with my eyesight, but it’s getting better as I spend much less time at the computer.

Only got in 2.5 miles on the exercise bike, yesterday. I’m going to try for three miles, this evening.