Sunday morning’s excitement

Our backyard neighbors have installed chicken-wire fencing along the length of our permanent fence a foot within the property line behind the house, making it difficult for the rabbits to get in or out by that route. Thus, the doe has dug and lined a burrow in the midst of my wildflower garden which is five feet in from the fence line.

rabbit burrow in the midst of my wildflower garden
Rabbit’s New Home
cocker spaniels in foreground, wildflower garden behind sturdy metal fencing behind
New Fencing in Place

Once again, the Scampers chased the resident rabbit around the back yard and out through the space beside the gate. They go through this routine every morning. We only see the rabbit, however, when it lingers over its breakfast.

Open Passage, Short Folk Only

Some time after the rabbit escaped under the gate, and the Scampers had returned with me into the house, there was a commotion (and howling) in the front sitting room. Thaddeus spotted the rabbit, who was eating a grassy snack in the front yard.

We were at a high-school graduation open house on Saturday afternoon for one of the kids across the back fence. His mother mentioned that she sees rabbits playing together in the mornings in our yard, running around and jumping at each other. Play fighting? I wonder if I will get up early enough, some morning, without waking the dogs, to see if I can catch them at it. Sounds fun!

Yesterday’s Snow

Thursday night and Friday, we got a new coating of snow, which involved a lot of shoveling and snow-blowing time on my husband’s part. I got to spend some of that time visiting with my sister in New England by telephone. We have determined that we talk together more often. It was good to catch up on what’s happening with the family. Neither of us is an initiator when it comes to making telephone calls. After the snowfall ended, I got out into the back yard with my camera, and also took some shots from the front door.


Cotoneaster Fruit
Fruit and Branches
Snow on Top
Snow on Branches

Generally, things have been going well at our house in spite of stuffy heads and some coughing. The dogs are in need of a trip to the groomer’s shop. I had to trim the hair around Thadd’s eyes, so that he could see. Charlie’s hair is finer and straight, while Thadd’s is totally curling and bushy.

We went to a visitation, yesterday evening, and had planned also to attend the prayer service for a man who was pastor at the church we attended when we got married, +25 years ago. Unfortunately, the receiving area had a very low ceiling, and there were lit candles, and so we ended up leaving after ten minutes or so. There were too many people in line to talk with his widow. I slept okay, last night, but still coughing, this morning. Will send a note to the family, once I replenish my stationery supply.

Having no decent pens, I’ve mail-ordered a couple that should be the right size and weight for my hand. Larger ones, which I have not bought for many years, are better, because I don’t get cramps in my hand from writing, like I do with the skinny ones, which I seem to clench at to keep them from slipping from between my fingers.

Ah! The time has slipped away, and I must eat breakfast.

Best wishes for your day!

Happy Domesticity

Enjoyed cooking, this morning, and then taking a nap with the Scampers.

This photo, however, was taken a couple of nights ago, when the Scampers fell asleep next to Al. That brown board to the right is the edge of his computer lapdesk.

cocker spaniels napping on couch

Still low key around here, adjusting to my parents’ deaths and the activity and people exposure involved with funerals and two “meetings of the clan” within such a short period of time. Avoiding activity in general except as amusement. I’ve started doing some exercising again, and I haven’t quite gotten back on my diet, but it’s pulling together. I’ll know that’s working when I actually start writing down the foods with their calorie and carbohydrate counts.

In the meanwhile I am continuing to think about what I want to do with the resurrection of two of my discontinued domains. I had thought to construct a writing/photo collection to complement the blogs where I put up anything and everything. I’m still too much in slow motion to make that practical. It will go faster when I dig out my old website backups and use some of the pages as templates.

Roy – death in the family

father, granddaughter and great-grandson
Roy with a granddaughter and great-grandson

About three and a half months after my mother’s death, my father has died. He still was in good health, if vital signs are any indication, but he passed away in his sleep shortly before eleven o’clock last Sunday evening. Not sure if he slipped away while my brother was out of the room for a bit, Father’s having pled need of a nap, or just didn’t notice when he came back into the room later to sit with him for a while. He’d been saying for a while that he was ready to go home. Our thought is that without Mother, and with all details of life wrapped up once a contract was drawn up for one of the kids to buy the family home to keep it in the family, he quit putting in the effort to stick around here any longer.

father and mother in 1942
Roy and Elleen


All set up for Thanksgiving Dinner with my husband’s family, hosted in 2013, as this year, by his oldest sister.

Table set for 10 prior to the holiday meal
Thanksgiving Dinner

I was not able to spend the entire evening with the family for Thanksgiving, this year, and so, no new photographs. This year, a second table was added, filling the living room. Little children, growing up. Shy toddlers. Boys attending elementary school. Grandparents. A great-grandparent. Aunts and uncles.

It’s good to see and get to know the next generations. I hope that during the end-of-year holidays I will have another opportunity to spend some time with them.

Later in the evening, my husband brought home with him the makings of a nice dinner for me, which I enjoyed.

This coming Sunday, we will celebrate my birthday. Just my husband and I, this time. I hope, then, to be well enough that we can go out to dinner. Otherwise, the “To Go” menu.

There was mention of a Thanksgiving gathering at my parents’ home on Saturday. They no longer entertain, and so our brother who lives in the same town, and hopefully also our brother’s daughters and their families, will stop by for a short visit. Visitors are disrupting and tiring, even when welcome, and groups do not allow for individual togetherness, nor does playing host. Not when one is much older.

_へ__(‾◡◝ )>



Recoveries: SpO2=94%, P=67 bpm


Wayward Wednesday

Three flower photoart pieces, today. While the temperature was higher, so were the wind speeds.

Today I am remembering my sister Bryce, who died a year ago today. She was a visual artist, as well as a vocal soloist, instrumentalist and member of the 188th Army Band here in Fargo. After graduating with a degree in Child Development, she joined the Army National Guard, where she worked for almost 20 years. As my parents continue downsizing and passing along mementos, I have received are a black-and-white and several colored-pencil drawings that she had given to my parents as holiday and birthday presents.

I also edited a poetry/short story chapbook for Bryce during the 80s, which proof copy I gave to Bryce’s son after her death, after scanning the pages to files, so I can someday reproduce it. Nice stuff. There were seven of us until the end of September 2014. Now we are six. She was twelve years younger than me. None of us were close. Scattered, mostly, as we left for college or life’s work. As the acrimony increased at home and our numbers grew, we children did not maintain family ties as adults.

Too young to recognize what was going on, old enough to have a sense of self-preservation, and not smart enough to see that we could/should have established and maintained ties and open communication among the seven of us, independent of the family home.

I owe all of me that is good to the early presence of parental support and encouragement and the literary/artistic environment I grew up in, and I took that with me when I left. That’s been worth a lot.

Where was Thursday morning?

fog at 9:00 a.m.
Fog at the End of the Street

I think that rain may have continued through the night. But even so, the fog was still relatively thick and the flowers and grass heavy with dew at nine o’clock, this morning. Samantha decided to leave Flea inside, today, possibly thinking that she did not care to drag a wet toy into her dry burrow beneath the end table for their morning nap. She stared morosely at the foggy street, and then turned toward the house and trudged to the (new) back step to wait for me to finish with picture-taking.

my black cocker spaniel staring through the backyard fence
Samantha, Staring into the Fog

The blue wild flax was soaked, stems, flowers and leaves, and the lighting was nonexistent. However, I have had fun playing with filters to bring some definition to the flowers and their stems. Only one “flower art” piece, today.

2 wild flax flowers, colors manipulated reddish gold, fresh dew throughout
Art Piece, No. 23904

Still feeling quite tired after our trip to visit the parents. I slept straight through until eight o’clock, this morning. I expect that I should have something to eat before I go back to bed. I made yogurt Tuesday evening, and we bought ice cream. Maybe I will simply go back to sleep. (I think that Al has.)

the rain has rained

The rain has come and gone, and the air is scrubbed clean. So far this has been an altogether beautiful day. I started out at 7:30, after catching up on the news, with a nice breakfast.

Eggs and Kippers
Eggs and Kippers

It seems that the brother that is ten years my junior has been transported from a hospital in Bismarck (North Dakota) back to the Fargo area. Fractured L5 disk, which I understand usually happens during a fall or vehicle accident. Since he manages construction projects, I’m assuming that he took a fall. So, brace, pain meds, rehab, and lots of rest. No surgery expected unless something doesn’t heal right.

My sister and her daughter have arrived home safely and are recovering. It was very nice to have so many days to visit with them, last week. (You see, I’ve had recovery time since they left.) Since it was raining most of the morning, I did not get photographs, besides one of my breakfast. I have been making a collection of flower photos (similar to the bind weed) of wildflower and other photos I took during my day trip with sister and niece to Itasca State Park. So far, only one of someone wading through the headwaters of the Mississippi River, which I also crossed again with my niece. (Memories of childhood!)

Wading in the Mississippi
Wading in the Mississippi