Pictures of September’s Last Days

A flight of fancy …

Autumn’s Garden
(False Colors)

… and some favorite photographs from September 28, 29 and 30.

I am now in the last week of the four-week “Introduction to Japanese Poetry” workshop that I’d signed up for in at the beginning of August. This week I am to write tanka every day and read essays that I am finding quite helpful in understanding the underlying rationale (?). My understanding of haiku has changed a lot during the course of the workshop, also. Very happy that I signed up for it, and I will have a lot to carry forward after the workshop ends.
I find that my joy in writing poetry is expanding.

These weeks have been, as I had expected, quite difficult to get through. My youngest sister died on September 30 in 2014, and the anniversary of her memorial service is Tuesday. Last year, these two weeks included my mother’s transition from the family home to hospital and when a bed became available, transfer to a care facility under hospice care. The feeling of loss contests with my joy in their present joy. And yet it’s not the one against the other, but both emotions, each a legitimate recognition of reality, coexist. Life’s texture becomes deeper, more intricate. Things are settling inside me. I think that’s a good thing.

Sunday’s Flowers

There was a bit of a wind, this morning, but I did get up in time to take photos before there was direct sunlight on the wildflower bed. I enjoyed taking time to go through all of the photographs that I did get. When the light is right, playing with the colors and textures of the pictures is so much fun.

Also of delight is Thaddeus’s discovery of a new toy: one of my old metal 1-cup measuring cups that has lost its handle. He bats it and chases it across the hardwood living room and hallway floors. It’s like a kid who’s gotten a snare drum as a holiday present.

Oh, my! He’s misplaced it again, and is attempting to enlist our aid in looking for it. He had the thing just a few minutes ago, when I took his picture.


Thaddeus’s Measuring Cup

Various Flower Art

Fallen Petals
Fallen Petals

The weekend was somewhat occupied by various other activities, but I did get into the garden for short time periods over the two days to take photographs of the flowers—some of which were petals fallen in the grass by the time I got to them.  I also looked through some of the Wild Flax flower photos from previous years. It is interesting to me to see the variety of colors that emerge as the lighting/light quality changes.



Sam and Flea kept an eye out for marauding bunny rabbits while I took photographs in perfect safety.

Sam and Flea
Sam and Flea


Before the rain arrived

I have tried for years to get a good picture of the Green Lacewing. They usually appear on the outside of the back door at night, when I have outside light on. Today I found one on a blue wild flax flower who was willing to wait for a minute or two before it flew away. Not shown in the photo is the tiny fly that shared the flower with the lacewing.

Green Lacewing

The light was not good for photographing the flowers, this morning, when Samantha and I first went outside (without Flea!). I tried various ways to recover the colors.

I haven’t done much with the “art work” for today’s photographs, other than correcting color. But two are ready.

Blue Wild Flax Flowers
Blue Wild Flax Flowers
Blue Wild Flax Flower
Blue Wild Flax Flower

The rain was soft and gentle, and was forecast to be less than a tenth of an inch. As the grass is beginning to sprout in the newly seeded areas of our yard, I suppose we will need to drag out the hose anyway, at the beginning of the evening. I do hope that we get enough root development to keep the dirt from blowing away (or mass movement from yard to house via little puppy dog feet). Today in the back yard, the last time we were out with the camera, Samantha spotted a squirrel just beginning its ascent up the telephone pole. Squirrel evidently had not encounter Samantha before. She wouldn’t have had to leap wildly for the shrubs on the other side of our fence. Samantha is not that quick on the response.

A scarcity of flowers

There was a scarcity of flowers in this morning…and of Rabbit, and so Samantha and Flea supervised while I tried to take photographs of dancing flax flowers in 20-mile-an-hour winds (plus gusts).

The center of a blue wild flax flower in its natural colors, also two experiments with color, texture and lighting.

I have spent much of the day resting, catching up, I believe, since I fell asleep before midnight, Samantha on my lap, in the recliner.

Blue Wild Flax Art for Sept. 11

My Favorite for Today
My Favorite for Today: Blue Flax Flower in the Grasses

There were few flowers in the garden, yesterday and today, but Samantha was confronted each morning with the seemingly permanent resident Bunny, who shot out of the tall garden grass, right past her nose, and the narrow space between the fence post and the back-yard gate.

Samantha on Rabbit Watch

She waited for a very long time for a second rabbit to appear.

Perhaps on Saturday morning!

Friday, here

Still on the sick list, and the weather has been windy and hot. The contractors have finished their work. We still have to find and apply nontoxic wood sealer and then figure out what to do about blinds or drapes for the (front) kitchen windows that were replaced. Pollen levels are/have been too high.