Sunday’s Flower Art, 27 August 2017

At the middle of the afternoon, the sunlight and shade were such that I could manipulate the colors within some of the blue wild flax flowers.

The night felt too short, in spite of my getting right to sleep and staying asleep until eight o’clock or so. Before lunch, I lay down for a nap and slept for a few more hours. Nice lunch of cottage cheese, chicken breast with some garlic and herbs, baked with olive oil, steamed broccoli, and at midafternoon, I ate an apple. No idea what that will have done to my blood sugar levels by suppertime.

Al is applying wood filler to the siding and then sanding it. He seems quite happy with the progress. (See progress, two photos, through the twenty-fourth here.)

A new week . . .

Some flower art from photographs that I took yesterday and today.

I’m still getting back on track from my husband’s long weekend away. There is also a family gathering of folks from his father’s side of the family, next weekend, which I hate to miss, but spending six hours in the car with puppies in their kennel in back, even three hours each way, seems a bit much during allergy season. I expect to stay home and puppy sit.

The weather has been generally cool and comfortable, and I still am getting out into the gazebo to use the exercise bike most days. On Tuesday, 4.5 miles.

Puppies and Flowers

The weather has been cool and comfortable, for the most part, although sometimes too rainy. I have been spending a lot of time in the back yard with the Scampers, reading and taking photographs. It has been relaxing. The past week and ongoing have been harrowing emotionally, and my system has low tolerance for that sort of thing, and so I have concentrated on resting, eating sensibly and taking care of myself. The Scampers have been getting into everything at every opportunity. We spent our “puppy time” watching them sleep, and then had to wake them for the last trip outside and the bedtime treat: dried beef liver.

I have been doing well with the bicycling (stationary exercise bike) with 2.5 to 3.1 miles a day, and my blood oxygen level is mostly 90% or above, while my pulse rate is usually around 70 bpm. The muscle tone is coming back, but I think that would improve with an elliptical set-up that would stretch and exercise more muscle sets. At the end of this month, we will be getting our eyes checked for glasses. I lost my last pair years ago and have been wearing older trifocals to the range. That’s been the only time I have worn glasses. It will be different, seeing what is going on around me.

I have enjoyed playing the piano as well as the photography and exercise. I think that it lifts my spirits to concentrate on activities that require dexterity and repetition in order to achieve set goals. I still am working on consistency. I have perhaps three or four weeks before ragweed pollen season starts, at which time I will be spending the majority of my time inside with air cleaners in each room until the snow falls to cover the ground and everything on it.

The parents still are not doing as well as one would wish. One must work to retain mobility and perception. Things to keep in mind as we age, so that we work to avoid pitfalls as we continue through our life together.

Weekend, Photo Art

Al’s doing some ARRL Field Day stuff, this weekend, and so the puppies and I enjoyed an unstructured afternoon. I’m glad that I didn’t go along; he called to tell me the site had not been mowed. The grass is above his knees, and wood ticks are plentiful. The puppies are wondering where he is, right now. Too bad that they can’t understand what I mean, if I try to tell them.

Thursday’s Flowers

The morning is cool, the wind is moderating and the flowers in the garden are blooming. The poor honeybee is still trying to land on the wild flax flowers, which stems and petals will not support its weight.

The neighbors across the back fence, whose son has been teasing our dogs, are loading furniture into the U-Haul rental truck. That should mean that their new-to-them house with built-in dog run is ready to receive them. I am certain that all will benefit from the larger space and freedom of their own property. The parents have been quite congenial, and their boxer pup is sweet and tries so hard to be a “good” dog.

I stayed up, last night, to put in my miles (2.5) on the exercise bike in the gazebo, and then again until four o’clock or so, reading. Scion of Cyador by L. E. Modesitt, Jr., and A Sea Change by Lynda Ward. I previously finished Dead End Street (Museum Mystery Series) by Sheila Connolly.

The puppies are inside the house, tormenting Al, and so I had better end this post and go in to make coffee and think about lunch. Best wishes for your day!

Wednesday’s Flower Art

I spent most of the day with the puppies, going back to the beginning to enforce proper indoor behavior. They’re spending lots of time in their kennels, with me taking them out frequently for outside and water. When they’re loose, they’re confined to the room that I’m in. I think this is working.

I did manage to get in 2.5 miles on the exercise bike. I think I missed a couple days in the midst of everything.

My next chore is to get some more boxes sorted and paper put through the shredder for next week’s garbage pickup.

The photo taking, first thing in the morning, is really great. As is the exercise bike after the sun’s gone down, out in the gazebo. I must find some exercises for the rest of me, now that my blood oxygen level is approximately where it is supposed to be.

End of the Week / June 10


The Scampers seem to be enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine. I’ve just brought them inside, again, although they would rather have stayed out of doors, lying in the tall grass in the back yard.

This was a good morning. I was up by seven o’clock to move the yogurt jars from incubator to refrigerator. Afterwards I enjoyed putting in 2.8 miles on the exercise bike (which is once again losing tension; must find out how to restore it). I’ve bought fresh fruit to enjoy with a jar (or two) of yogurt for a late lunch. After taking photographs and catching up on washing dishes, the puppies and I enjoyed a brief nap. The temperature is now in the mid-80s. I am glad that I got the exercise bike session out of the way when the temperature was still below 70°F.