We are enjoying a very quiet holiday weekend, thanks in part to having taken part in the family Christmas celebration last Tuesday to accommodate travel schedules. Today we still are trapped at home with a blizzard warning stretching into the early evening. Yesterday, there was rain, followed by snow, followed by mixed precipitation. The Interstate is now closed down across the state, from here at the eastern border to Montana, and also from Grand Forks up to the Canadian border.

I took no photographs, Tuesday evening.

While waiting for my first appointment with the dietitian, I have been more adventurous with my grocery shopping. The scheme seems to be three meals and three snacks at approximately the same times each day. I cannot imagine a world in which this could happen. In order to increase the variety of the menu, since I obviously am going to be eating more, albeit smaller, meals.  For breakfast, this morning, I added fresh asparagus:

Today’s Breakfast

The Scampers are now a year old. Thaddeus is still on a high-fiber diet; he’s eaten two more dishcloths this week and also a dishtowel.

And there was ice on the front window during the earlier cold snap. Speaking of which, our temperatures are going down, now, but we’re expecting a high of 30°F and snow on Wednesday. Some places, this weekend, there was snow thunder.

Flowers on Thursday

Played a lot with the colors, the light being good for that, Thursday. The weather has been cool, not dry, and there were clouds, a lot of the day, so the wild flax did not drop their flower petals as quickly. A lot of wind, though.

The air was pretty good, today (Thursday), and we got things done. Today’s chore was plumbing; the bathtub would not drain. All is fixed, now. Great happiness! Also, there is actual grass coming up on some of the new dirt surrounding the house.


The changes in humidity and temperature have contributed, I think, to my feeling so relaxed. These past two nights I’ve slept the night through with nine or more hours of sleep each night, although I also have taken no daytime naps, which is unusual. I woke up this morning and took Samantha out for her walk in the back yard. On one of our outings, this morning, she forgot her flea on the back step, and so I took it in for her. Just this once! 😀

Samantha in the Back Yard
Samantha in the Back Yard
the sesame street Flea dog toy
Samantha’s Flea

There’s been a lot of rain, recently, with winds, and so the blue wild flax flowers have not been up to snuff. They’re dropping off their stems earlier in the day. Today, it was before noon, and the flowers were sparse when we first got outside. The sunshine filtered by the bushes made a beautiful picture.

Close-up of blue wild flax flower
Wild Flax in Partial Shade
Filtered Sunlight
Filtered Sunlight

We have nothing further lined up for today. I have acquired some good books that I plan to finish. And I should have another meal, and then wash dishes. Al has decided that one half slice of watermelon is his limit. I am not sure that Samantha and I can eat the rest of it before it spoils.


Another Breakfast Alternative

roasted pepper and tomato soup with onions, chives, cooked egg yolk, etc.
Soup and Veggies
for Breakfast


I awoke about three hours earlier than I’d planned on, so there was more time to create and eat a tasty breakfast, this morning. Being aware of expiration dates, having eaten my last green salad packet on the “sell before” date, I searched the refrigerator and came across a carton of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. That became the base of my breakfast.

I added to the soup chopped onion greens and some fresh chives from their garden spot just out the back door, and a crumbled egg yolk. Also, there was Italian sausage that I had browned in the frying pan, last week; I added about three ounces. Across the top, I sprinkled powdered ginger and powdered cumin.

As sides, I added four bunching onions and a handful of sweet grape tomatoes that we’d picked up on one of our forays at the grocer’s, end of last week, and strong, hot coffee. I decided against homemade yogurt in place of the egg yolk. If I’d had grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, I would have put a layer over the hot soup; none of the varieties I had in the frig would have suited.

I was quite happy with the taste combination, textures, and temperature. I wish I’d made a larger serving. I am memorializing the meal on my blog.


Breakfast Alternative

Cottage cheese, 3 kinds of chopped onions, garnished with blackberries and red grapes
Cottage Cheese with Ornamentation

I was in the mood for dairy, this morning, but did not want to have yogurt, which I am saving for a light lunch, later on today. So, I settled on cottage cheese with a three-onion mixture stirred in, garnished with blackberries and red seedless grapes, which still are on sale at the grocer’s. Must have been a wonderful grape harvest, somewhere. After I took this photo, I added a sprinkle of paprika. Just because everything tastes better with paprika.

Feeling pretty good, this morning. Hoping to get lots done in the kitchen, this afternoon. This weekend, I started going through a box of papers, etc., that my father has sent along to me via my brother. Treasures reaching back into the early 1940s. Having a fabulous time going through them! When he and my mother were in the Army and Navy, respectively, during World War II. Letters, mostly, but also school and recital programs and other keepsakes from the childhoods of those of his grandchildren who grew up in the same town as we did.

A simple breakfast

Breakfast plate: 2-egg omelet with strawberry preserves, 2 bunching onions, and 8 red seedless grapes
A Simple Breakfast

I awoke early, but didn’t get around to making breakfast until a quarter of seven. Several times I awoke during the night to find myself sitting in my recliner, my laptop desk across my legs, and I believe I dozed off a lot after finally waking a bit after five o’clock.

Breakfast was simple. A two-egg omelet with a couple tablespoons of strawberry preserves, two bunching onions, and a few red seedless grapes. Also, dark and strong black tea from a bag. So happy that the coffee maker will heat water for tea and at the same time brew coffee.

I got half of the dishwashing done. That would be the flatware, the smaller frying pan, a couple of glasses for beverages and a mug for tea. All I need now are disposable cups and glasses, and I would be totally happy. The full sink consists of glasses, cups, mixing bowls, and yogurt jars.  ( ̄ー ̄) I could subtract the added expense from my monthly allowance.

Before dark I took tulip photos, but just took them off my camera while the omelet was cooking. Samantha has just come in again from the back yard, where the neighborhood rabbit has dug a burrow in the north corner of my garden plot (which I have not prepared for planting because of the frost and excessive rains). I wonder how much of the garden I would have to dog-proof in order to ensure the safety of the baby rabbits when they arrive.



Where has the time gone? Late breakfast!

I was awake until after five, this morning, working with my tablets and cell phone, changing email passwords, updating apps, etc. Somewhere in there, I decided to take a shower and wash my hair. When I did get to sleep, though, I slept soundly and was up by a little after eleven o’clock.

2-egg omelet with sliced polish sausage and extra sharp cheddar cheese, on a blue-pattern paper plate
Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Omelet

My husband woke up a little while later, and so I put on coffee and offered to make scrambled eggs for him. He likes his scrambled eggs moist and fluffy, totally different from the way I make my omelets. Scrambled eggs and orange juice (with lots of pulp).

For my omelet, I used two eggs, two tablespoons of whole milk, a polish sausage, and extra sharp cheddar cheese before serving. I whipped the milk with the eggs until they were frothy and poured them into the frying pan containing the melted butter. Once the base had set, I placed the sausage slices evenly around the center of the omelet. I covered the frying pan with a sauce pan lid and let the omelet cook until it was fairly firm around the sausages and pulling back a bit from the sides of the frying pan. Then I removed the lid and folded the omelet. After turning the omelet over to let the other side brown, I sprinkled some cheese over the top.

Putting in a little milk instead of an extra egg works well, when I whisk them thoroughly to mix in lots of air. The omelet looks like it was made using three eggs.

Now, to get other things done while my phone is downloading updates. I haven’t posted my Art/Poetry challenge for Day 3 on this blog, I think, and I totally do not know what I’m posting for Days 4 and 5.

Things got terribly hectic, and I ran out of time to make yogurt for the coming week, so I will have to do that this weekend. In the interim, when we bought salad greens for this coming week, early yesterday evening, I also got a carton of Old Home plain yogurt (which I have in the past used as starter) to tide over me and Samantha. The dog eats well, here.