November Afternoon | the Twentieth

I have not gotten caught up on my poem-a-day challenge. Not certain if I should add my weekly Ronovan Writes Haiku to the count or not. My favorite poem for the month, so far, is about leaves:

Transient Art

sunshine and shadow
blown together by cold winds
darkness and light

Copyright © 2018-11-10, by Liz Bennefeld.

In Transition | Weekly Photography Challenge: Liquid

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt on 16 May 2018: Liquid. As the morning’s sunlight hits the eastern windows in late December, the frost ferns transition slowly to drops of water. Gradually, the window panes become dry and clear.


We are enjoying a very quiet holiday weekend, thanks in part to having taken part in the family Christmas celebration last Tuesday to accommodate travel schedules. Today we still are trapped at home with a blizzard warning stretching into the early evening. Yesterday, there was rain, followed by snow, followed by mixed precipitation. The Interstate is now closed down across the state, from here at the eastern border to Montana, and also from Grand Forks up to the Canadian border.

I took no photographs, Tuesday evening.

While waiting for my first appointment with the dietitian, I have been more adventurous with my grocery shopping. The scheme seems to be three meals and three snacks at approximately the same times each day. I cannot imagine a world in which this could happen. In order to increase the variety of the menu, since I obviously am going to be eating more, albeit smaller, meals.  For breakfast, this morning, I added fresh asparagus:

Today’s Breakfast

The Scampers are now a year old. Thaddeus is still on a high-fiber diet; he’s eaten two more dishcloths this week and also a dishtowel.

And there was ice on the front window during the earlier cold snap. Speaking of which, our temperatures are going down, now, but we’re expecting a high of 30°F and snow on Wednesday. Some places, this weekend, there was snow thunder.

Frosty Window | Monday Afternoon

frost pattern on the window

On the sick list since late Friday evening/early Saturday evening. Bad cold. And now Al also has caught it. Living on chicken soup?

Al fetched more milk, fresh fruit and a couple rotisserie chickens from the store. Also, cranberry juice/7-Up (childhood rehydrating treat), and both ice cream and chocolate pudding (easy on the throat). We had fruit before we went to sleep. Well, before I went to sleep, anyway. That first 48 hours is rough!