In Transition | Weekly Photography Challenge: Liquid

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt on 16 May 2018: Liquid. As the morning’s sunlight hits the eastern windows in late December, the frost ferns transition slowly to drops of water. Gradually, the window panes become dry and clear.


Progress – New Garden

The new garden plot is now in place. It is four feet by twelve feet, which means that I should be able to weed it comfortably. I am considering ordering seed packets for fall planting of wildflowers. We have already had frost/freezing weather here along the Red River. I must find out if I have missed any deadlines and what planting conditions should be, given the early cold, this autumn.

Four Feet by Twelve

We got the concrete slab poured for Al’s workshop, and the skid-steer driver, seeing Al digging the plot with his shovel and fork, volunteered to remove the sod for him. The equipment is now out of our yard, and the fence is in place, so that the Scampers can have free run of the yard.

Next came days of rain and mud tracked into the house. Thaddeus (the buff and cream Scamper) had massive clumps of mud dried into the hair on his feet and legs and between his toes. He had his first half-bath experience, last night, to wet and wash out all the dirt. He was not impressed by the operation.

Myself, I am still processing my mother’s going into the nursing home under hospice care. The brother next to me in birth order is certain that she will not make it to the end of the year. Me? I would not venture a guess without hearing a doctor’s evaluation. My father is doing well at home; family live in the same town, and so there is someone to visit every day.

The other re-organizations are still up in the air, here at home. We have yet to put the waterbed back together in the basement bedroom, where the egress window was installed over a year ago. I still need to throw out or otherwise dispose of perhaps a thousand paper books and take down more shelving, so that there will be room to move. In the meanwhile, I am still sleeping in my recliner, which I have been doing since I retired. My office has turned into a bed-sitting room. I have box upon box of papers and miscellanea to go through and toss.

We have had quite a number of heavy rains, spread out over days and shorter, and there has been no seepage into the basement. It appears that banking around the house, replacement of the rain gutters, and adding a new downspout have handled the problem. We are talking about adding more dirt, next summer, just up around the house and in some low spots. The fourth (westernmost) cotoneaster shrubs did not survive, and so Al finally sawed off all of the remaining branches and dug up the roots, this past week. The other three clusters are doing well, and so we still have shade along the south side of the yard. When Al gets his workshop built, next year, we will have shelter along the north side of the back yard from the winter winds.

The currently former wildflower bed has been trampled down, run over and munched on by the Scampers. I will be surprised if much has survived of the wild flax flowers. I did save some seeds in an envelope for the new garden plot, once it’s raked smooth. I also will try to find some to purchase via mail order. I am considering re-adding vegetables to the list of seeds. I have enjoyed the cucumbers from the family across the back fence, but I do miss the zucchini and summer squashes.

I continue in my attempts to lengthen my time on the exercise bike. Some setbacks, but I continue in my efforts. Also, while I am not managing to play the piano every day, I am getting to it perhaps three or four times a week, and I can tell that the dexterity is coming back. I do need to re-learn the written notes, rather than just trusting that my fingers will find the correct keys.

Ah, well!

Light & Frost

Frost Ferns 2009 looking west

No frost on the windows for yet another day, but I have found some frost photos from previous years, as well as a photo of the sun’s light appearing from behind the trees to the east of us. Cold out there (11°F/-12°C), but not enough to interfere with stepping onto the front steps to take a few photographs.

Samantha woke me up, again, but it was time for her to go outside, and so we got up. I’ve now put on coffee.

February Frost II

Today, only light sprinkles of snowflakes, although light fog, snow and mist are listed in the forecast. Samantha and I got up at 8:30, so that she could have breakfast and then go outside. The snow has receded even farther from the gazebo, and Samantha has taken to heading there first thing to check for rabbit scent. And so, a few more photos from yesterday.

After feeding Samantha and putting on coffee, I went to sleep, again. She didn’t wake me again until almost Noon. Nice puppy! Good puppy! I’m ambivalent about eating. I may just let her outside again, and find myself a cup of that cold coffee.

And a couple of photos from just now.

On her way to the door


Back-yard Gazebo

January 26 | Face in the Frost

appearance of a frosty face among the frost ferns
Face in the Window

I did not awake in time to take a photo of the frost on the window, and so I have gone into my archives. This frost face is from this date in 2009. (Aren’t archives fun!?!)

Evidently I overdid it on Monday and used nearly all of Tuesday’s spoons, too. I took a lot of naps. I woke up at 7:30 or so, this morning, even though I took my last antibiotics pill yesterday morning. Samantha (my Cocker Spaniel) was not awake, and so I got another three hours of sleep. Headed for the Toddy coffee, which is in the microwave, nice and hot.

Best wishes for your day!



Frost on the Window – 2014

We have yet to get frost on our windows, this winter. Also, my best windows for photos may not produce any; the frame was rebuilt during our home repairs project and new windows put in. For the time being we seem to have no storm windows, and so the screens are still in place. I am hoping that the screens are small enough mesh that we won’t get a build-up between the screen and glass. The temperature seems to be rising. May be a warmish winter, here.

Anyway, here is a frost photo from this date in 2014.

sun visible behind frosted window
Frost and Sun