Backyard lawn and chives garden

The chives garden in the back yard, as well as the wildflowers along the south side of the house, have been getting the dregs from the dogs’ water bowl and other water that would in other times have gone down the drain. The shaded areas are doing much better than those getting full sun for longer periods. Other spots have not been looking quite so bad.

After all this “hot, dry” weather the predicted low temperature for the night is 56°F / 13°C.  Cool breeze, but still no rain.

After the winds blow

dried, dark brown leaves still attached to their thin branch

my first motion picture…
dead leaves and branches falling
swept across the snow

Copyright © February 2, 2020, by Lizl Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

NaHaiWriMo 2020, day 2 prompt: “first movie”

Childhood memories: autumn storms, blizzards, branches tumbling to the ground from the dozen cottonwood trees surrounding the house, viewed through floor-to-almost-ceiling windows five feet across. The bright flash of a lightning strike running down a towering tree, splitting the bark and tossing branches. And then the thunder clap, the feeling of the ground’s shaking.  Our shaking at such a close call. In my later years, I am content that we have no tall, full-branched trees anywhere in our yard.

Note: Still having problems seeing adequately without my eyeglasses, which seem always, these days, to be in a room where I’m not. Please forgive any typos. I am not getting up to look for the glasses.  EWB