Not awake

I seem to have taken a very long nap. How did it get to be Wednesday already? We bought all sorts of good things at the grocery and butcher’s shop, early in the evening. I cooked and ate a bleu-cheese burger. Didn’t think of the potato salad or, a special treat, the crab salad. Didn’t think of the chocolate pudding, which I haven’t eaten for what seems like ages. Just . . . very tired. I did take some photographs, and was going to do up a couple special for this blog. that may still happen.

Also, I did write my poem, yesterday, for the Poetry 101 Rehab challenge on Quilted Poetry.

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New drafts

Have been working on another poem from my folder of “in progress” work: (the quiltedpoetry WP blog.)

Also, I am enjoying having an “Artist Date” blog, again. I decided to pay for another year of web hosting, during which time I must sign up for email service for my accounts, to keep them separate from the web hosting company.

If I predecease my husband, it will be handy to have this blog and my poetry blog where he can communicate with my friends and acquaintances. (Must make a note to myself to find out how that works on WordPress.)

I now ask myself, for what purpose am I writing beyond the pleasure of working and reworking the words. At this point I am tempted to answer, the creative process is what feeds my soul. I’m good with that.