Backyard lawn and chives garden

The chives garden in the back yard, as well as the wildflowers along the south side of the house, have been getting the dregs from the dogs’ water bowl and other water that would in other times have gone down the drain. The shaded areas are doing much better than those getting full sun for longer periods. Other spots have not been looking quite so bad.

After all this “hot, dry” weather the predicted low temperature for the night is 56°F / 13°C.  Cool breeze, but still no rain.

Our blizzard

Photographs from Tuesday, 11 April 2019. The weather this morning did not look any better, although the wind seems to have died down a bit. To below-blizzard speeds, but snow still falling. Local schools and many businesses are still closed for the day. I expect that I will not be exercising in the gazebo until the melting begins, again. Al came in from the workshop, last night, with snow clinging knee high on his pants legs.

I am quite happy to have gotten food laid in and meat cooked to last the interim. With this uninterrupted time, I am able to give the Scampers more attention. Today, however, having finished all the chores and the laundry, I have to get back to using the inside exercise equipment. Inactivity sends me off to sleep where I sit. Since I cannot be around people or out-and-about for any period of time…it takes effort to engage the world I seem no longer to take part in.

The next morning…

Snow piled higher than the stair railing at the front steps
My Current View of the Front Yard

I got photos of the back yard by sticking my arm out through the narrow opening allowed by the snow piled against the back door. I do not know when/how we will get the snow-blower (or shovel?) through there to clear paths to the garden shed, gazebo, and workshop.

Winter took a while getting here, but has made up for the lost months.

Before the blizzard, quiet

Late this afternoon or early in the evening, we expect a blizzard. Not much new snow, but we’ve a lot to be blown around, having received snow during the first days of the week. If we get to stirring around, this afternoon, we still have time to duck out to the grocery for last-minute purchases. In the meanwhile, I have chicken and fish to get into the oven to bake, so we can eat even if we lose the electricity. Must also fill up the water jugs and pitchers. Not that we are expecting the storm to be that long or eventful. Just keeping in practice.

In the meanwhile, the Scampers are taking a nap.

Sound Asleep


Best wishes for your day!

Looking Towards the Sun

Looking Towards the Sun

Plains Coreopsis (golden tickseed) in my garden, 5 July 2018

curtains closed against
sounds of freezing rain and sleet…
clouds above the fog

I recall the summer’s sun…
humming songs of tiny bees

Copyright © by Lizl Bennefeld.