New Years Day

Some New Year’s Day photographs from 2007 and 2011.

new yeear's day 2007 snow on bare branches
Snowy Branches


Note: is now
and is now

One of my chores for the winter is to go through my blog posts and pages for these WordPress blogs to get them into some sort of order. I think it’s going to take me longer than that.

Winter, Arriving | Blizzard on the Way

From the National Weather Service: The first round of snow has left much of the region with around 5 to 8 inches of snowfall. Snow will continue across mainly southeast North Dakota and west central Minnesota into the evening hours, with an additional 5 to 10 inches of snow expected by Friday morning. Blizzard conditions will develop this afternoon along and west of the Red River Valley, continuing into the overnight hours. Wind gusts up to 50 mph are expected.

When I let the Scampers out before breakfast, they found themselves nearly up to their necks in snow. They are now recovering.

After Snowdrifts

Comfortably tucked in, here, waiting out the storm. It never seems to arrive as horrid as the weather service makes it sound. Well, almost never. So we make preparations and enjoy the time off from having to “do things”. The other of us is sleeping in. ::smile::

Yesterday’s Snow

Thursday night and Friday, we got a new coating of snow, which involved a lot of shoveling and snow-blowing time on my husband’s part. I got to spend some of that time visiting with my sister in New England by telephone. We have determined that we talk together more often. It was good to catch up on what’s happening with the family. Neither of us is an initiator when it comes to making telephone calls. After the snowfall ended, I got out into the back yard with my camera, and also took some shots from the front door.


Cotoneaster Fruit
Fruit and Branches
Snow on Top
Snow on Branches

Generally, things have been going well at our house in spite of stuffy heads and some coughing. The dogs are in need of a trip to the groomer’s shop. I had to trim the hair around Thadd’s eyes, so that he could see. Charlie’s hair is finer and straight, while Thadd’s is totally curling and bushy.

We went to a visitation, yesterday evening, and had planned also to attend the prayer service for a man who was pastor at the church we attended when we got married, +25 years ago. Unfortunately, the receiving area had a very low ceiling, and there were lit candles, and so we ended up leaving after ten minutes or so. There were too many people in line to talk with his widow. I slept okay, last night, but still coughing, this morning. Will send a note to the family, once I replenish my stationery supply.

Having no decent pens, I’ve mail-ordered a couple that should be the right size and weight for my hand. Larger ones, which I have not bought for many years, are better, because I don’t get cramps in my hand from writing, like I do with the skinny ones, which I seem to clench at to keep them from slipping from between my fingers.

Ah! The time has slipped away, and I must eat breakfast.

Best wishes for your day!