There was a strong wind throughout most of the day, but tonight the thunderstorms and tornado watches finally arrived. Very tired. Tiring day, even with this evening’s nap.

storm cells flood the valley
ahead of wild winds, bending trees—
mist, fine-sifted rain, welcome

Tomorrow, the weather should be calmer, but I will miss the rain on the grass, the fine mist on the spider’s web in the taller grass.

Wet Spider’s Web

Quiet weekend

I’ve spent much of the weekend awake and up, but not focusing on any work. Aside from two days at the handgun range with Al, while we tried to figure out why my/our pistols are not working properly. Although it has not interfered too much with my aim. I do like the discipline of bulls-eye shooting. And the fact that there is so much room for continued improvement in skill, self-discipline, consistency, and focus.

We stopped by the butcher shop after payday and got chicken breasts for baking (added to soups and salads, mostly) and a pork shoulder roast, which I put into the Crock Pot for pulled pork. Simple additions, this time: sliced yellow onion, a can of peeled tomatoes, and a medium-sized jar of mild salsa. Yesterday when I got hungry for soup, I heated some pulled pork with onion and juices and a cup or so of Mott’s Original Vegetable Juice. Nicely mixed to add sharper highlights (I think vinegar, celery, and perhaps some herbs).

Other meals have been dull. Cottage cheese or yogurt with mango and strawberries, scrambled eggs with smoked paprika, Swiss cheese, or chopped bunching onions and greens, and wild blueberry preserves. Also Thai Kitchen ginger soup with lots of sliced chicken breast. I have been drinking cranberry juice cut 1:1 with filtered water. Toddy coffee, mostly, to cut down on acidic beverages.

Al has dropped me off at the mall a number of times during the week, so that I can put in some concentrated walking time. I think that it helps me to be more alert later in the day. Keeping the circulation going instead of taking a nap when my energy lags. My sleep is still highly irregular. When I do wake up, however, I try to stay awake long enough for the time to qualify as a day. Today, however, I fell asleep several times and took a nap. We did not go out because the temperature was in the 80s. (Yes, I know that many are suffering temperatures above 100°F. I start feeling ill and unsteady at 75°F. I prefer the basement, where it is usually around 64°.

It’s gotten cooler. Supposed to be a thunderstorm, tonight, and as much as an inch of rain. That’s why I am sitting in the gazebo with a couple windows open (temp. 75°F), enjoying the breeze and listening for the sound of thunder, the flash of lightning in the distance. A bow has formed in the group of clouds headed toward us, and so it is going to take longer for the storm to hit our town. I’m going to run out of water and computer battery by then, so I may have to go indoors before it arrives.

I have finished one of the poems that I have been working on (since 2005), “Broken Patterns”. It’s part of my Future Freedom poetry set: brief images of the collapse of the ecosystem and afterwards. A short poem, but not short enough for Dwarf Stars consideration, should I manage to get it published. Form follows content. The poem was insistent on that.

Really weird dreams. Vivid, recurring, lingering after waking.

I mailed Dad’s Father’s Day card on Tuesday. Even though he is in good health, still walking downtown, driving into town, where there’s a Cash Wise Foods for groceries once or twice a week, and so forth, I have the urge to do things early. I wanted him to have it because it might be the last card he gets from me. He’s 30 years older than me, less two weeks, and I’m in my late 60s. Except for some effects of aging, he’s certainly healthier than I am. Either one of us could go first, these days. He’s a joy . . . but he doesn’t like company. He gets bored with us and leaves to read or walk or drive about the countryside.

Sounds like we’re getting into the strong winds and heavier rain, now. Out of here! Must see if I need to unplug computers, TV, etc.