Signs of Spring

Tulips in the Front Yard

In spite of the below-freezing temperatures at night, the tulips continue to grow. Also, I think I have spotted emerging daffodils along the north side of the house, which my husband cuts down, every spring, thinking that they are weeds. The rabbits have made inroads on the tulip leaves. It has been a hard winter, and everyone reliant on our yard is hungry.


Monday’s Flowers

The cold weather last night was hard on the tulips. These photographs are from last Monday. I did get outside for photographs, also, in spite of the winds. Not all of the tulips had opened up, yet, and so I am hopeful that the next batch will bloom and be photographed in turn.

Today I am engaged in sorting, tossing, shredding, &c, to regain enough bookshelf space that I can organize and put away at least the books that have migrated to my bed sitting room. Before I get on my exercise bike, which lives in the gazebo (which is now minus Al’s mother’s one-seat balcony swing, having gone off with a sister), I must remember to turn on the space heater for half an hour. Otherwise I might freeze to death!


P.S. I really do enjoy the sorting/tossing…but I don’t think I’ve done a thorough job of it since we got married, twenty-five years ago, and I moved from apartment to the house.

Sunday Tulips | My Spring Garden

The cold temperatures and rain lasted long enough that we did not get garden spaces cleaned out before plants began to come up. I have since (this last week) thrown down some flower seed in the back garden (mixed California poppy, annual blue wild flax) and the south side of the house, after adding old coffee grounds from last summer and some peat moss: nasturtiums (an extra seed packet that came with an order) and annual blue wild flax. I have more flax seed and half of a wild-flower mix that I got last year, which came up nicely.

We also have dandelions and wild violets in the yard.




Wednesday Afternoon’s Flowers

This has been an altogether wonderful day. It’s a bit chilly, outside. After all that was necessary, the Scampers decided to rest a while, midmorning, and then fell asleep. Didn’t wake up again until Noon. So, trapped in my chair, my puppy being on my lap, I reread Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey, which was on my telephone Nook-Book reader.

In the afternoon, I made out my food diary for the day to that point. We went shopping for odds and ends and came back with a tuna steak, two or three tubes of caulking, peppercorns and cayenne pepper. (I must empty the cupboard of the very old herbs and spices. Neither Al nor I can find what we want, anymore.) Cooked the peppercorns in olive oil and butter, and then put the tuna into the frying pan on top of that with the kosher salt and the cayenne pepper.

Al’s enjoying his summer project, building his woodworking shop in the back yard. I am reading some chapters in a book on bereavement theory loaned to me by my grief counselor. It’s a nice break from poetry and routines. We have decided to meet at least one more time. That will be at the beginning of June.

I am looking forward to flowers growing in my wildflower garden, this year, having pulled up the White Campions that rode in with the loads of dirt banked around the house, the same summer that the egress window was installed. The rabbits ate a lot of the tulip leaves before the flowers opened; I am glad that we got lush grass, which they prefer, before we lost any of the plants.

Best wishes!

Wednesday Morning

Awake early, I took my blood glucose test early, and then fell asleep, again, until 0900, when the dogs woke me. A bright, sunny day with roadwork and concrete dust in the air! I got outside with the camera just as the first city worker arrived to put up the road-block signs, and I got more than fifty photographs before I had to quit. The sun hadn’t gotten to the southwest side of the house, more than just the first grouping of flowers. Hoping to get outside again before the day is done.

Our family connection and his crew got over here, yesterday morning, to put the roof on the workshop. Next step is to add tar paper and make it watertight. Such fun! I get recruited to fetch, carry, and “hold that in place”, whenever I go into the back yard. Al has decided that he wants to do his own shingling, &c, since he’s been shingling the workshop roof in his dreams for years, before deciding that he really had to build one. It’s nice to see one’s dreams come to pass.