Blue Wild Flax Flower

Wild Flax Flower, Colored
Wild Flax Flower, Colored

I did make it up, earlier, to feed Samantha and took pictures when we went outside, afterward. Napping most of the day, however.

The yellow jacket stings are not hurting much, now. Still taking antihistamine, but not the ice packs. Rather not do that again. Al has caulked the openings between the siding and frame on the garden shed, where they seem to be nesting; last night, he soaked it with insecticide. I’ve been stung many times before, but this is the first time on my face.


Only One Flower

I’ve taken two photographs of the same flower from Friday afternoon’s venture into the garden before the last of the day’s flowers had wilted and dropped. This first photo is as it came from the camera, aside from the reduced size.

Blue Wild Flax Flower,
no photo editing

Here are three altered pictures of the same flower: two photos taken within a minute of each other and then manipulated using several of the free software programs that I enjoy using.

I think I am doing better, this evening. We went out to eat again this evening, having a Senior Discount punch card that we used to receive one free entrée. Grilled salmon, again, and it was lovely! We’ve had rain, which I hope will help hold together the dirt spread along the back of the house and garage. That is where I spread grass seed, this afternoon, and replanted chives. The wild flax, an annual, is reseeding, now. Fewer flowers as we come to the end of the season.

Friday in the Garden

The weather was too hot and humid for photography, and so I ventured out just a few times with Samantha, the first time at about 8:30. I slept a lot. I think that I made two more visits to the back yard before the flower petals had all dropped. The temperature was at 95°F when we returned home from grocery shopping late in the afternoon. By then, there were no flowers at all.


This weather calls to mind our September of two years ago, when I became unable to breathe because of the heat and almost ended up in the hospital, again. This year, I am staying inside and enjoying the new central air system that we had installed, that year. It keeps the temperature at an even 72°F all year round, making it much easier to breathe, most of the time.

At the back of the yard, along the fence and in the mostly shade, the lawn grass has been totally replaced by thistles that grow close to the ground and spread out their leaves in a circular pattern. I have seen no flowers on them. I believe that whenever the lawn is mowed without first removing the thistles, each piece that remains tries to grow into a new thistle, until there is barely room for new ones to find a place. I plan to boil some water, add vinegar, and pour it over a section of the thistles to see if it will kill both plant and roots.