Tuesday’s Photos| June 21

Cocker spaniel puppies, listening to a sound from the right
The Scampers in the Morning

Our day was quite busy. Al spent it pulling/spraying weeds around the house and in the back yard. Right down to the bare dirt, since no grass came up where we had put down seed on the dirt hauled in last summer to build up the yard around the house. The air was dry and breezy, and the sky was without clouds, and so the blue wild flax lost their petals before Noon.

As last, I got caught up, again, on the dish-washing. Digging around in the refrigerator, I discovered another seven jars of yogurt (homemade). Still quite good/fresh. I must have made another batch, forgetting I’d made the first the day before.

I fell asleep in my chair, last night, and awoke at a quarter of six, this morning, to find all the lights still on in the kitchen and living room. I’d heard Al’s TV still on in the other room just before I fell asleep, but evidently he didn’t get up, again, either. How strange!